Welcome to my website!

My Pomeranians and Other breeds bring me great joy, fun and laughter!

May you enjoy the site and share in the special moments

of being a Pomeranian owner and breeder.





I have been an animal lover since I was a little girl.
Attending to animals is my passion in life which led to the
breeding and keeping of Pomeranian for the past 30 years.(Corrie Brown)

It took time to build my kennel, but when I look back I can proudly say that I have bred several show quality dogs.

My dogs are registered at K.U.S.A(The Kennel Union of  South Africa)

I strive to breed dogs that comply to the International Breed
Standard that are sound and healthy.


My kennel is situated on a Country Estate in Vereeniging in the Vaal Triangle , Gauteng  , South Africa.

I have now extended my kennel and also keep Rhodesian Ridgeback, Boston Terriers and Hungarian Vizsla on a very small scale ,they are handled and trained by my daughter Erica .

My late husband Chris Brown,who sadly passed away on 24 March 2011 , and  my Father Cornelius de Lange , had Ridgeback as  young boys and the breed proved to be very loyal towards its owners. So... some people own dogs and OTHERS HAS A RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK that is part of the household.


In 2008 I imported two Parti coloured pomeranians from the USA.(Paris and Rocky) from Barbara at Showin poms.They are now over 2 years old and produced two lovely off-spring whom we named Parti Doll and Parti Dude.We will soon be breeding parti and exotic coloured pomeranians for the" nish" market. 

So if you want something that no one else has or can afford...get a parti coloured pomeranian!!!

We have Imported another Parti Coloured Male in 2010 named Stormy (Storm in a Tea cup) .By using him for stud we should be able to breed more parti's and we should have the first full parti pups available to sell before the end of December 2010, up to now we have been breeding them only for our own kennel.But soon we will be able to produce them for the buyers market in SA.

By the grace of God and his provision we have imported yet another two Parti Coloured poms from Marilyn Murphy in USA in May 2012, called Best kept Secret( Female) and Be my Destiny(Male) so we can offer our customers four different bloodlines to breed with.

And in 2013 we brought in another male called Stealing your heart parti (STEAL) in partnership with Ilze Cronje also from Fairytales poms.


So come and join the parti craze, a plain coloured pom is nice but a parti pom is just so much more Fun!!! And white is also fab but expensive.


Corrie Brown

082 462 3106 /(016) 429 6669

Erica de Beer/ van der Linde  082 730 5807

K.U.S.A. Membership no 1012137





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